Event: Annual 6 concerts subscription - jerusalem 2021-2022

Location: Jerusalem International YMCA, Jerusalem

Date: 01/06/2022 שעה: 00:00

Event Type: SITTING

Annual 6 concerts subscription - jerusalem 2021-2022

Jerusalem International YMCA, Jerusalem 01/06/2022 Time 00:00


Annual 6 concerts subscription - jerusalem 2021-2022

Concert No.1

Te Deum


David Shemer, Matthias Maute - conductors

Daniela Skorka & Tal Ganor - soprano

Maya Amir - mezzo soprano

Jonathan Suissa - tenor

Yair Polishook - bass


Alexis Basque - trumpet

Noam Schuss - violin

Andrea Stewart - cello


Ensemble Caprice (Montréal)

Shahar Choir (dir: Gila Brill)


A unique concert in which JBO musicians will collaborate with musicians of the celebrated Ensemble Caprice (Canada). Together, the ensembles will perform works of Charpentier (Te Deum, Magnificat), Rameau and Telemann. Following the Israeli concerts, the two ensembles will perform a joint concert series in Montreal.


Thursday 14.10.2021 at 20:00, International YMCA, Jerusalem

Concert No.2

De Profundis (Out of the Depths)

An event of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra's Hallelujah Festival


Conductor - Andrew Parrott (UK)

Liron Givoni - soprano

Maya Amir - mezzo-soprano

Itamar Hildesheim - tenor

Guy Pelc - baritone 


J.S.Bach's Cantatas BWV 131 "Aus der Tiefen" (From the depths) and BWV 150 "Nach dir, Herr, verlanget mich" (For you, Lord, is my longing), based on familiar and soul-searching Psalms, will render a concert of a spiritual and devotional tone. In addition to these, the concert will include instrumental works of Johann Sebastian's son Carl Philipp Emanuel, works stemming from his father's legacy, yet characteristic of Carl Philipp's signature freshness and innovation, at times, even daring and audacity. Fathers and sons, heights and depths, all joining to produce the beauty of creation.


Sunday 19.12.2021 at 20:00, International YMCA, Jerusalem

Concert No.3

Concerto No.0


Michael Tsalka - conductor/fortepiano

Einat Aronstein - soprano


Referred to as Concerto No.0 for piano and orchestra is a work lacking an opus number written by Beethoven at age 14. This will be the Israeli premiere of the splendid concerto, one brimming with charm, played on the Hammerklavier; also, a concert aria and divertimento of Mozart and some Haydn songs. A Classical program played on period instruments.


Sunday 9.1.2022 at 20:00, International YMCA, Jerusalem

Concert No.4

L'estro armonico


Kati Debretzeni (UK) - conductor/violin


In addition to the centrepiece of this concert - Concerto for violin Op.3 from Vivaldi's celebrated and immortal anthology "L'estro armonico" (The Harmonic Inspiration) - prominent violinist Kati Debretzeni will present the audience with treasures from this collection, some scored for one solo violin, with others for a number of soloists. The concertos, a mainstay of violin repertoire and most pleasing to the ear, will be performed alongside music of less familiar Venetian composers, among those, Marini, Albinoni and others.


Sunday 13.2,2022 at 20:00, International YMCA, Jerusalem




Concert No.5

Bach or Pergolesi?


David Shemer - conductor

Daniela Skorka - soprano

Margot Oitzinger - mezzo-soprano (Austria)


The dividing line between the original version of the work and an arrangement of it has become blurred in J.S.Bach's Cantata BWV 1083 "Tilge, Höchester, meine Sünden" (Cancel, Highest, my sins), this being an arrangement of Pergolesi's well-known "Stabat Mater", which was written and published some years earlier. Bach gives the work new textual meaning, enriches the orchestration and adds his own unique touches. The program also offers audiences a wonderful opportunity to enjoy Vivaldi's remarkable "Nisi Dominus", another journey into the depths of existence.


Sunday 8.5.2022 at 20:00, International YMCA, Jerusalem

Concert No.6



David Shemer - conductor

Shirit Lee Weiss - stage director

Singers of the Meitar Opera Studio, Israeli Opera


An Israeli premiere, A.Scarlatti's oratorio "Il Primo Onicidio" (The First Murder) tells the ancient story of Cain and Abel in bold colours, intensifying the relationship's intrigues, its bad feeling and pain. In another project of the unique collaboration between the Baroque Orchestra and the Meitar Opera Studio, Shirit Lee Weiss will take on production of the oratorio, a work not originally intended to be a stage production, but incorporating the necessary theatrical potential, thanks to the electrifying dramaturgy of Scarlatti's music.


Sunday 19.6.2022 at 20:00, International YMCA, Jerusalem

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