Event: Asif Tour - Asif Israeli Culinary Center (Hebrew presentation)

Location: Asif Israeli Culinary Center, Tel-Aviv

Date: 19/08/2022 שעה: 12:00

Event Type: STANDING

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Asif Tour - Asif Israeli Culinary Center (Hebrew presentation)

Asif Israeli Culinary Center, Tel-Aviv 19/08/2022 Time 12:00

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12AM Tour

40 NIS

12AM Tour

40 NIS


Asif Tour - Asif Israeli Culinary Center (Hebrew presentation)

Join us for a tour to experience, see, smell, and taste local flavors and culinary traditions.
Discover the rare titles in the culinary library and learn about the curatorial process. Uncover the questions raised from the installation "Picnic on Mars" regarding the food we eat today, our culture in the present and how our future might look like. Plus, learn how to distinguish between 8 varieties of zaatar and what the Volcanic Institute, the Israeli kitchen, and sustainability all have in common.



* 12:00 Noon tour
* Location: Lillenblum 28, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Cancellation policy up to 48 hours before the event involves a cost of 5% of the ticket price. Later cancellations will not be refound.

* The event operates under the guidelines of the Ministry of Health subject to the provisions of the "Green-Pass". Entry will be allowed for the vaccinated, recovering and those with a negative PCR or rapid corona test.

* Photos and videos might be taken during the tour. We reserve the right to use the documentation products on social networks and publications related to the event.

* ניתן לבטל כרטיסים עד 48 שעות לפני מועד המופע בכפוף ל-5% דמי ביטול, לאחר מכן אין ביטולים

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